University Committee on Rank and Tenure


The University Committee on Rank and Tenure committee and each member serving on it is charged with judging each application according to the best interests of the university in terms of the candidate’s record of teaching, scholarship and service. In arriving at its recommendations to the president the committee is guided by the Faculty Handbook and considers all information relevant to the assessment of candidates in those three categories.

Members on the committee are either by elected by presidential appointment (half of the membership) or the Faculty Senate for a three-year term. Although it is customary for members of the committee to be drawn from a variety of academic divisions of the university, committee members are not considered “representatives” of particular schools or departments. An individual may serve on the committee for no more than two terms in succession, and must remain off the committee for at least one term between appointments.

At its initial meeting of the academic year, the committee elects its officers – the chair, the recording secretary and the corresponding secretary. These officers may serve for no more than three consecutive years. Whenever possible, chairs should come from a different campus every three years. Individual members of the committee, as well as its officers, are not available to discuss the business of the committee except with the president and those designated by him.


Following is a list of documents published through the University Committee on Rank and Tenure for use or reference in the application process.